Monday, August 27, 2012

The Past Few Days

The past few days have been very full and very good. My family, from my father's side, all made it to town. My grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousin Erin were all here. Not to mention my parents and youngest brother Sam.

Friday was the first full family day. I had a morning meeting, but the rest of the gang went to a local museum and then we all met up for a picnic lunch.

family picnic
My family at picnic

Me, at the family picnic

Much of our family time was spent socializing as meals were prepared, with such a large gang to feed it took quite a bit of time to prepare food. My mother and I switched back and forth, each taking turns with meal prep.We also took turns moving the party between houses, mixing it up a bit.

sue and cordy
Cordelia learning a song with her Great Aunt Sue

She was on Cloud 9 (what does that even mean?), so happy to be on the receiving end of so much undivided attention from so many people.

People came and went, having adventures all of their own. There was golf, a trip out of town and other various excursions as people decided upon different activities.

Sunday was the baptism, officiated by my pastor father. Elise mercifully slept through the whole of the baptism. We had been pretty certain that it would be screamfest 2012, but it wasn't. The service was very special and the 117 year old baptismal gown was used once again.

 My family
Front row: Uncle Joe and Aunt Sue (my godparents), their daughter Cousin Erin (godmother to the girls), Elise and I, Cordelia and my mom. 
Middle row: Aunt Karen, Grandma Carol, Eric. 
Back row:Uncle Gregg, brother Sam, my dad

When the service was complete and the pictures had all been taken we took a quick break to change, rest and prepare. I made a little meal for the family and we all ate together at a leisurely pace. People wandered about spending time with each other. Cordelia was in absolute heaven as she could go from one person to the next, each of them taking time to play with her or just give her whatever attention she craved. Elise was also passed around between various adoring family members.


mom and elise
My mother working her sleep magic on Elise

Joe and cordy
Cordelia with her Great Uncle Joe

I couldn't help but think that at another time this togetherness would have been every day occurrence. How wonderful that families used to stay in close proximity, helping each other and spending time together. Each and every day that the family was here people pitched in to help each other, to wash dishes, to pick up, to play with kids---it was just so beautiful. I wish that we lived in a world that had families living near to each other, but I am so very thankful that my family has all made an effort to do their very best to get together as often as possible.


affectioknit said...

I love family reunions...when we were in ND they were almost impossible to that we're so much closer I'm looking forward to going...

~Have a lovely day!

Susan said...

It was a good time, huh? The house seems really quiet now!

sara said...

that's so great that the family came for elise's ceremony. i have to ask, is that dress you're wearing at the picnic, vintage? because my mom had almost the exact same dress, when i was little. i would play dress-up with her clothes and it was one of my favorites :)

Maria Rose said...

Yes Sara, the dress is vintage!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the baptism went well! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend with all of your family. (Love the polka dot dress!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I just looked again - they're tulips! Love the tulip dress!

sophie said...

It all looks s beautiful and fun. I am loving your hair - you got rid of the fringe? It looks lovely!

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