Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Embracing the Change

Summer was big for us this year, big and crazy. I spent half of it in the late stages of pregnancy and the other half our family was adjusting to life with a newborn, life as a family of four. The days were hot and bright and smokey. We spent half of July and August in survival mode. The lawn wasn't mowed, the garden was lucky to get a passing weed pull. Laundry piles were a little higher before the load was done. Dishes waited just a bit longer to be washed.  Mostly I believe we all had that sense of having been spinning in circles and then suddenly stopping. The ground pitched and lurched beneath us as we tried to gain our footing, but we did find it. I think I will always look back at this summer like a strange psychedelic dream.

Now, quite suddenly summer is gone, leaving golden leaves in its wake. The days are shorter, the nights cooler. Our family is feeling like it has come into a new stage. We are regaining our footing, feeling like we are back on solid ground, just in time to be really present for these gorgeous fall days.



me and e



E and e



E and C



Mom said...

Well, if you felt off-kilter, you really didn't show it. You really kept you cool!

Sarah Purdy said...

It has truly been a magical, bewildering summer. I enjoyed sharing it with your family and look forward to many more seasons to come.

Victoria said...

Happy, Happy Fall!! xo

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