Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer Party

Earlier this year Eric and I made some new friends: Sarah, Josh, Sadie (3), and Ari (3.5 months). We have all hit it off very well. Did you happen to notice that our kids are the same age?!  Cordelia and Sadie are absolute best friends.Sarah, Josh, Eric and I are couple friend soul mates..that's a real thing. The babies are still learning to track movement with their eyes, but I think they'll be friendly. Anyway, this family friendship has been such a welcome addition to our lives. We have similar priorities, share many interests, and we have the same awesome sense of humor.  Read more about them on Sarah's blog  here.

Last night we went over to their house for an end of the summer BBQ party. We arrived first, under the pretense of helping. I don't think we were much help, but it's the thought that counts.

Sarah threw out a quilt and the babies got busy being adorable.

baby 1

Our girls had no more use for us and tended to the important business of playing and eating junk food.

Best friends

baby 2
Ari and Elise

Soon enough the other guests began to arrive. Musical instruments were brought out. Eric set up part of his drum set. Somewhere along the line the facebook responses to the party became focused on bongos and Mathew McConaughey. Anyway, Eric decided that it would be appropriate for him to dress like Mathew McConaughey....

He decided to make a V neck McConaughey t-shirt and a bandanna

And another person made a bongo cake. It was all very silly.


 The evening was pleasant. The weather cooperated. People milled about.

Sarah, Elise, and me

Cordelia and Sadie took a little cruise

Eric changed out of his costume and went back to playing his drums.


The sun went down and the fire pit was lit. The music and conversation went on. Eric and I took turns passing Elise back and forth as she became a little bit sharky (always wanting to move).



The night ended fairly early with two little ladies in need of a good night of sleep. Great end to summer! Let fall begin.


Susan Struck said...

I'm so glad your two families found each other!

Unknown said...

Love this and love you guys!

sara said...

i love "sharky" as an adjective for restless babies :)

Kate said...

The cuteness makes me want to squeal. (We say "parent-shopping} for sharky. Your term is far nicer.)

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