Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Odds and Ends

 I haven't done an odds and ends post for quite some time. Today feels kinda like the right time for it as I seem incapable of putting together a complete blog post based on a single idea. Please bear with me and hopefully you will share your odds and ends too.

  • Yesterday was Elise's 2 month check up and Cordelia's 3 year check up. Both girls are super healthy and brilliant. Cordelia was a charmer for her checkup and got away without any shots. My mother was there to help wrangle the girls. While it isn't a necessity it is most certainly a luxury to have my family around to help. My mother took Cordelia off to have fun when it was time for Elise's shots. I was incredibly thankful for this because 1) Cordelia would have been alarmed to see her sister in pain 2) We would have to talk about shots over and over and over for the next several months. So, with Cordelia out of the room it was shot time (Yes, we do have our daughters immunized even though we know most vaccines are grown in an egg culture. I wish there was another option, but there isn't and we would never forgive ourselves if the girls were to die from a preventable illness.) I hate the whole shot process, but it was over quickly and Elise was not overly upset about it all. 
  • For the record Elise has gained four pounds and four inches in the last couple of months! Cordelia is in the 90th percentile for height. I am going to have some tall beauties on my hands.
  • Eric and I are having some art from our collection (not art that we've made, art that we have collected) exhibited at the local art museum! We don't have high end art or anything, but we have several pieces that are really interesting. The museum is doing a show on collectors and collecting and asked us to be involved. Pretty cool! I will share more on that when the show has its official opening.
  • My 5th semester teaching college is going well. Pretty mellow semester which is a great thing as I am still figuring things out as a mother of two.
  • Cordelia is loving preschool.  I still feel a terrible aching pain each and every time I leave her, but leave her I do. She has a great time and comes home happy and excited. Oh, and I was talking to her teacher this morning she revealed that she believes Cordelia will be a theater major in her future. I laughed out loud as Eric and I joke about this all the time, the girl has a flair for the dramatics. She feels everything very deeply and with great intensity...a trait that has its highs (endless affection for family and friends) and lows (she has been known to come unglued when she misses nap time). Anyway, it is really great to know that her teachers are understanding her, where she excels and where there is potential for new growth.
  • The fires around town are 100% contained. The smoke is still in the air, but thankfully the worst seems to be over.
  • A few days ago Eric came home from work with chocolates and flowers and told me to take a bath while he did dishes and watched the girls. I don't mean to brag, much.
What is on your odds and ends list today?


Maureen said...

I am an age where I remember chidren from school crippled by polio. My mother talked about children having diseases like diptheria and whooping cough, she lost schoolfellows to those illnesses.

Because these illnesses seem rare today it does not mean they have gone away and the fewer children are vaccinated the more likely these diseases are to come back in a big way.

I had my children jabbed and I think it is a wise decision.

Mom said...

Odds and ends...
(1) I am LOVING coconut frozen fruit bars. (2)I am still waiting to take of photo of our visiting bluejay. (3) I just surprised my husband (your Dad) with a just-released-this-week Paul Simon CD.

Michelle said...

I (and my sisters) had whooping cough, mumps, and two kinds of measles. One sister had polio--a fairly mild attack, thankfully. We had a cousin who died of polio.

Am I in favor of vaccinations? You bet!

Sarah said...

We feel the same way about shots. I don't know how I would live with myself if my children were sickened by a preventable disease. Small pox and whooping cough are both on the rise in the US; children in OUR country of dying from these diseases - diseases which we have the ability to prevent. Scary. And for what? To maybe (still no scientific correlation) prevent autism? No thanks.
Your pictures are dreamy. I swear Elise's cheeks are even chubbier than when I saw her on Saturday. Love 'em.

elizabeth said...

love the pictures of your girls. :)

ben brought me flowers the other day - just because. what thoughtful husbands we have. :)

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