Monday, September 10, 2012

Two Months with Elise

Can you believe that it has been 2 months since Elise was born?! I certainly cannot. Life is slowly, but surely settling into a new rhythm in our household. I am hoping to chronicle Elise's growth in a monthly post. So here we are at two months.

Elise 2 months

Over the last month she has
  • proven to be happiest at home or outside. She absolutely hates riding in the car.
  • opened her hands to grasp stuff we put in them. She also seems to be trying to reach in a jerky totally unsuccessful manner.
  • smiled more and more each day, charming us endlessly with her dimples.
  • met tons of family.
  • been baptized.
  • begun making those adorable baby sounds that kind of break the heart.
  • chubbed up. She is starting to get baby rolls, serious baby rolls.
  • outgrown all newborn clothes. She can even wear some 3 month clothes, she is so advanced.
  • begun to show us her personality a bit more. Now that the colic is starting to fade away we spend a lot more time getting to know this little girl.
  • started identifying us individually and having unique reactions to each member of her family.
  • shown us her excitement by marching her feet when she is happy.
Check out her 1 month post here.

Elise 2 months


Anne Marie said...

Oh, so sweet!

Sarah said...

Oh those pictures...I melt.

Kate said...

Hello precious babe!

Anonymous said...

Serious baby rolls are meant for serious gentle squeezing!

Kirstens Kitchen said...

Wow does she ever look like C! It is really amazing..all 3 of my girls have the same look too. NEAT. Enjoy :)

sophie said...

LOVE babies! She is too cute.

Amber Robbins said...

I LOVE that you chronicled Elise's life month by month! I can now read about her development to help us raise Olivia. THANK YOU!!!

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