Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Under Construction

When we bought our house the broker assured us that new home owners inevitably have something go wrong within the first month of home ownership. We had a long grace period. Nothing has really gone wrong until recently. We've had a few issues arise, nothing major, that we thought we'd tackle on our own. The progress is most certainly slower than expected, but it is progress none-the-less.

Eric sanded and trimmed some doors that were sticking

We meant to simply re-grout the showerr, but things expanded and some tiling is involved as well.

Eric decided that he needed some manly head-wear and purchased a mandanna (man + bandanna= mandanna).

Are you handy around the house? What is the biggest project you've tackled?


Anonymous said...

Redid the tub surround! Took down the tiles and added patterned barker board sheeting (Looks like tiles but a solid sheet)
Built a fence in the backyard.
Tiled the kitchen floor.
Constructed a patio for the backyard off the back door.

Kate said...

Does "handy around the house" include baking? No?

ben said...

EWim is slowly turning into a Biker.

Sarah said...

I do about 90% of the minor home improvement jobs. My resume includes: changing out electrical outlets, replacing light fixtures, hooking up washer & dryer, copious amounts of painting, tile, caulk, furniture refinishing and shake a mean can of spray paint. Also do 99% of the I.T. support for the household.

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