Monday, October 22, 2012

A Very Autumnal Weekend: Dress-Up, Pumpkin Patch, Leaves

I think this weekend we packed in all of the autumn we could possibly manage. The weekend was also well documented, so you are in luck! Weeee

Saturday morning started with a fabulous princess tea party. The girls got to wear Halloween costumes while we hung out with our best family friends. Please click here for a look at this party....and you'll even see me in a toddler tiara!

Saturday afternoon we decided to hit up the local photo-op pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch has become a tradition for our family (click here to see 2010 and here to see 2011). Last year as we walked through the patch I was about a week away from confirming my pregnancy and I wondered if we'd have another little one with us the next time we wandered through the patch...and we did! What a great feeling to have our little family!







pumpkin head


Sunday afternoon Eric and I raked leaves in the backyard, took a few hours. Whoa! BIG JOB. We haven't even tackled the front yard and side yards yet .

Finally, last night we went over to spend our regular Sunday evening dinner with my parents. We ended up playing in the leaves. Click here for some awesome photos from my mother's blog.


Anonymous said...

Did Elise get to pick a pumpkin? do you guys decorate yours or do keep it as is - plain?

Sarah Purdy said...

It sounds like you had a really fun weekend! We ended up raking 18 bags of leaves yesterday from our yard. Unfortunately, this morning when we woke up, our backyard trees had decided to undo all of our work. I think we'll get at least an even 20 bags before the snow flies.

Sarah Purdy said...

Oh, and now I can see into my neighbors' houses again, which creeps me out. Time to start closing the shades at night!

Maria Rose said...

Roxanne, We didn't buy a single pumpkin at the patch. Apparently they are made of diamonds...pricey! We will all end up with a pumpkin and carving will soon happen!

Maria Rose said...

Sarah...that is a lot of leaves!

Carmen said...

So much fun :). That's one thing we don't have here I wish we did - a good ol pumpkin patch!

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