Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday Run-Down

Friday night I walked into Cordelia's room to  kiss her sweaty sleeping forehead before I went to bed. I pulled her out from under the covers (she falls to sleep buried under a mound of blankets) and she shifted a bit before sighing softly and settling back down. I looked at her sweet face and had a moment as I realized that just like that we are at 3. How can she be growing so quickly? I have cherished every single moment of these past three years and I can't wait for each new phase, but I most certainly shed a few tears as I said goodbye to my 2 year old. When I awoke in the morning I was ready to celebrate the 3 year old who woke up and crawled into bed with us.Good thing too, because the girl was ready to par-tay, 3 year old style.


We started off the day with  vegan chocolate chip pancakes, vegetable juice (she likes it), bananas and vitamins.

A short time later it was time to Skype with Uncle Ben and Casual Sara (Sara doesn't like the formality of the aunt title, she prefers to keep is casual), and their dog JRake. They had Cordelia laughing hysterically, particularly when JRake the dog did the Gangnam Style dance--Cordelia is into it.

A camera phone shot of the Skype call with Ben JRake and half of Sara's face

Later there was some play, a few gifts, lunch and a nap. Then fiiinally it was party time. We went to the park and met my family. My mother, father,brother Sam, Aunt Tina, cousin Steven, Great Aunt Michelle and Grandma Grace were all there. Also joining us was the WolfPack and Cordelia's BFF Sadie! Oh yeah, Bode the dog was there too, but he wasn't invited he was a party crasher.

Birthday girl

My gorgeous and thoughtful mother (seriously, kindest person I know fyi) who happened to match the b-day girl

tina and e
Elise and her great aunt Tina

Birthday cupcakes, vegan


Hug for great great aunt Michelle

gpa and girls
My dad with his granddaughters

Eric organized a myserty/ scavenger hunt for the girls and they found two identical goodie bags! Shoen in the photo: ATina, Sarah and Ari,Sadie, Jos, myself, Cordelia, Eric, Michelle

2 girls
Sadie, Cordelia, Eric

sam and tina
My aunt Tina, brother Sam, and party crasher Bode

Sarah with baby Ari, Sadie, Cordelia and I eating.

Cordelia and BFF Sadie enjoying some park time

gma and e
Elise and her great grandmother Grace

My cousin Steven, currently in high school band, gifted Cordelia with trumpet music. He stayed a bit off and trumpeted away for much of the party. Adding a welcome quirky and unique background...he even played Eye of the Tiger!

bday girl
The birthday girl was stylin'.

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Sarah Purdy said...

What a fun day! We really enjoyed meeting all of your family. Boy, what I wouldn't give for a mid-afternoon cupcake right now...sigh. We should do birthday parties every weekend.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would have pink cupcakes! Glad you had fun!

Maria Rose said...

Roxanne, She actually requested flying pink cupcakes.

Kirstens Kitchen said...

hey Maria..

I feel like a bad blogger friend..I have been in my own world lately. I miss reading your posts. Amazing how time flies, and children grow. You are a great mom! I think people should tell others nice things. It is important. Those cupcakes look so much love to you and your little family. Happy birthday little C. xo

Stacy said...

Looks like an awesome time!

Rachel said...

and what a beautiful pink polka dotted 3 year old she makes!!

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