Monday, October 29, 2012



I just realized that it has been over a year since I did a confessional blog(last one here). Not sure if that is important, but why not? So, here we go. I need to get a few things off of my chest...
  • I am currently eating a handful of vegan chocolate chips...and it won't be the last handful I eat today.
  •  When we moved into our house the previous homeowner warned us that we needed to have a plumber clear out the pipes under our tree twice a year. I kept putting it off and today is the day of reckoning. Roto-rooter is en route.
  • My house is a mess. I think it looks mostly clean, but my housekeeping skills have gone to hell in a hand-basket since I became a mother of two. I am not on top of things as I was a few short months ago.
  • I often spot errors in my blog and I am too lazy to correct them.
  • I love watching terrible movies. I am talking everything from Bring it On 4 to Abe Lincoln Zombie Hunter. My husband does too. Any recommendations?
  • I recently killed most of my houseplants. I am not sure what happened, but all but the sturdiest fell victim to some unseen plant plague.
  • I hate green beans. Seriously, they make me gag. I try to hide it when I am in front of others and take a polite bite, but then I gag and it is way way worse than just refusing the beans in the first place.
  • I do not seek out celebrity trivia, but for some reason I have a knack for retention of celebrity facts. I am something of a savant when it comes to celebrity baby names. I am not proud of this.
  • I used to have a gap in between my two front teeth and it has disappeared. I miss it because I could squirt water through it and I never had to floss.
Anything you need to confess?


Anne Marie said...

Bad movie recommendation: Erik the Viking. If you haven't already seen it, I think it's on Netflix...seriously bad movie! Since you two like zombie movies, I'll bet you've seen Shaun of the Dead, my other bad movie recommendation, LOL!

I promise, I will never try to feed you green beans! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog and 2 others daily.
I eat 100% plant-based but sometimes I just want to give up and eat cheese! sigh

Kate said...

I cannot bear chocolate chips alone. Kisses, yes, chocolate chips, no. They're the same thing! WHat's wrong with me? Perception

Pipes are dull, you are not. Who can blame you for putting it off?

My house is a mess from the 2nd week of classes until the last. It is tidy and lovely for the breaks only. Sigh.

I pretend like my blog has no errors. (But we all know that's nonsense.)

Green beans are horribly pesticided (it's definitely a real word) so we don't allow them in our house. I don't think my kids even know what they are!

I love baby names in general. I'm a little obsessed with names, actually! I'm a abysmal with pop culture, though. About 5 years ago I decided to embrace this rathe than try to hide it.

Sue said...

I try to act sad when I get called off from work but inside I'm happy.

I love to eat in the car. I love to eat while watching tv. I love to eat while sitting in my recliner. I don't so much love to eat at the table...except, of course, when in the presence of delightful company.

Pam Brewer said...

I just had a bowl of Lucky Charms for supper.

Anonymous said...

This is a quality blog. Fabulous picture - you do anguish/contrition so well. Droll humor. Almost believable remorse about the house plants. Admirable candidness about the vegan chocolate chips.


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