Monday, October 15, 2012

CORN MAZE Twenty-Twelve

We decided to be awesome parents this weekend. Along with our friends, affectionately known as The Wolfpack, we hit up the local corn maze. We took a short drive out of town and found ourselves parked alongside a ginormous field of corn. The Wolfpack met us and with children clinging to or trotting alongside us we all made our way to the maze. We did not have an aerial view, but I hear tell that the maze was shaped like a bucking bronco---is it vegan to walk in a rodeo themed corn maze (I kid)?


E and J


Ari is so crazy adorable.

Before we entered the actual corn maze the 3year olds checked out the toddler hay bale maze. Meh. The girls were far too advanced for such simple Tom Foolery. the maze!


I don't think any of us really knew what to expect with the maze, but I'm pretty sure we did it wrong. We followed paths, twisting and turning, only to return right back at the beginning. Eric studied the map and decided that we'd been only in a very tiny portion of the maze.

Inside the maze

So, we went back in, certain that we'd make it through. Well...we were chatting and watching the kids...we did not pay attention to where we were going, at one point the girls led the way. We were not excelling at solving the corn maze.


Rebel teenagers would occasionally plow through the corn, ignoring the paths. We passed other groups of confused families and then we were right back at the beginning. We totally gave up at that point. We stood there feeling a bit defeated before spotting the corn pool. What, you may be wondering, is a corn pool? Well, my friends, it is a pool of corn kernels. The girls were into it!

corn pool
Wading in

E and I
I stood aloft a mighty hay bale for a good view of the corn pooling (that's a phrase I just invented...think hot tubbing only with corn, no water and add hay bales in place of a hot tub)

corn pool2
Corn pooling

Cordelia ate the corn...that will be fun in a few days.

holding hands
Cordelia and Sadie

Once we were all corn pooled out it was time for pictures!

For the record family photos are insane with so many people. When I looked through the shots my whole family was making the craziest was the best...

Team W
Family picture. Elise preferred not to smile, instead opting for the drooly and slightly cross-eyed look.

The Wolfpack totally showed us up


cordelia and Sadie

So there you have it, CORN MAZE TWENTY-TWELVE!!!!


Anne Marie said...


Mom said...

Well, I think the photos are glorious! Sadie and Cordelia are heart-breakingly adorable together.

Anonymous said...

Even though you didn't make it through... you had loads of FUN! Wish I was there.

affectioknit said...

Corn mazes are so much fun!

~Have a lovely day!

Sarah Purdy said...

We had so much fun. We'll whip that maze next year for sure!

Kate said...

When we properly follow mazes, they take about an hour. The years when the Mister skips out, (he has some pretty impressive seasonal allergies, so his attendance is dependent both on weather and harvest), I am perfectly content entering only a tiny portion of the maze and happily the children are under he impression that if you exit though the entrance, you're extra cool! Whew! My dear friend Kel will not enter a corn maze, ever. She finds them creepy. Like zoos.

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