Saturday, October 27, 2012

Family Band

Last night Eric suggested that I take a bath while he spent time with the girls. I imagine his head spun with how quickly I accepted his offer. While I was enjoying a hot bath I could hear the sounds of something special developing and when I made my way out this is what I found....

A family band.

family band

family band
Please note that Cordelia is wearing non-leather cowgirl boots....she is the 1st vegan cow(loving)girl

family band

Costumes. Check---pajamas
Instruments. Check----maracas, tamborine
Sweet moves. Check

So, the next time you see us we may be traveling in a family bus Partridge style!


Anne Marie said...

Adorable, I love it! That's a lot of percussion going on there...future family drumline, perhaps? :o)

Sarah Purdy said...

So darn cute! And I'm not just asking about the jammies!

Clare said...

Tonight was.the first night that i introduced my girls, Alyssa and Chloe to your blog and your girls! It was the vegan cow (loving) girl that It is so nice to see.others have the same (animal loving ) values as us!

Maria Rose said...

Thanks Clare! I love learning about other veg families too!

AKM said...

Yep, take it on the road like the Trachtenburgs!

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