Friday, October 12, 2012


We have had kind of a strange week here. The whole week started with Cordelia's cold. She is a germ factory when under the weather. When she is sick the thing she wants most are snuggles and smooches. In spite of our best efforts at hand-washing and kiss dodging we all managed to catch her cold. So the week has been largely about rest and recuperation for each of us. We also managed to have lots of good snuggle time and plenty of fun as well.

Snow Whites

Once Cordelia was feeling better she insisted she and Elise wear matching Snow White costumes; a gift from their Grandma Sue. She often wants them to dress alike. I was initially against the idea, telling Eric that I want to nurture them as individuals. Silly me, they are individuals--- and for now Cordelia is getting to call the shots and I am happy enough to oblige in this sweet sister tandem dressing.

I gave a midterm this week. My class is going quite well. I love semesters when I get students who are happy to just do their work, makes my job so pleasant!

I completed a large commissioned painting and have already started on another. Good month for art. Eric and I are both feeling very inspired.


So, we also decided to work on Bumblebee's posture as you can see from the photo. Oh no. I am totally kidding. Another bit of weirdness from this week is that Miss Bumblebee had surgery. Again! Basset hounds are notorious for getting cysts. Sometimes those cysts get infected and the only option is surgical removal. Bumblebee had a wound on her back hip that has been lingering since July. She has been wearing a cone for ages. Finally, after she re-opened the wound for the zillionth time we decided it was time for the vet. She went in and he opted to remove two cysts from our lumpy darling. Since she is able to get around the cone, thanks to her misshapen body, the vet came up with a great solution, a cervical collar. Now her wound is healing.

We have also had an exciting new development in between the illness and surgery, we made a studio! More on that next week!

What have you been up to lately?


Tammie said...

glad things are going well and that miss bumblebess surgery was nothing too serious.

Mom said...

I could just sit and gaze at those sweet little faces all day. Yes, I mean Bumblebee's as well.

Sarah Purdy said...

Whew! You've certainly had a busy week! Glad everyone's on the mend (including Bee!). Love the costumes!!

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes! Love Disney princesses too, you are never too old... LOL
Glad Bumblebee is okay and a solution was found, that collar looks uncomfortable but a lot better than a cone!

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