Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Around the House

I think it could easily pass me by, that I could fail to acknowledge this very specific time in our lives. Life is hectic (especially since I lost my mind and decided to re-do the kitchen cabinets---what was I thinking?!) with two little girls, jobs ( I think I have 4ish jobs, the lines are blurred), goals, projects, deadlines, etc. Yet I know that someday soon I will look back on this time in life and wax nostalgic.

Why not take a moment to capture the mood and the feel? I will never get to be here again, but maybe I can just visit it through my blog.

Oh Bumblebee

Two recently completed (and for sale) paintings

On the table

in progress
A work in progress

Our home

girls 2
Our girls

girls 1
Morning routine


Anonymous said...

I love your phone!
And I must be buying some oranges soon, you know those "Christmas" oranges in a box? So easy to peel!

Sarah Purdy said...

Love the new painting! We've been going crazy for the Cuties too. Remember: this is one reason why you blog. To remember this time, these moments. Now, let's see those cabinets!

Stacy said...

Lovely little photos of your life!

eLiZaBeTh said...

Love, love, love this. I took a video around our house recently, even though it was a mess, just so that one day, I would remember it exactly as it was.

Love the paintings....

and I completely understand the four jobs and two kid thing too. I actually have a job that involves delivering pickles. Good pickles too. I was called "The Pickle Lady" twice last week.


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