Monday, December 3, 2012

Decorating for Christmas

We decorated for Christmas this weekend. This is the second time we have set up for Christmas in our home. We had a better idea about what we were doing and where things would go. I like that, our house is really starting to feel like our place to its core.


While we were decorating I held Elise and I couldn't help but reflect on last year at this time. I was pregnant with Elise. I had no idea who I was growing, but I knew that I would be holding a baby as I decorated for Christmas 2012. A year ago I wondered how Cordelia would be doing as a big sister. I wondered how our family would look and act. Would it be the same, different?


Well, now I can report that it felt so natural. Our complete little family. Eric stringing the lights. Cordelia played with a wooden nativity. Elise drooled and spit up at random (she also spit up on the blanket I had bought for the Angel Tree, off to buy another today).


Please take note of Cordelia's ensemble. The stockings! She is also wearing a sparkly  number 3 t-shirt gifted by our friends Andy and Anne...that was day 2. She wore it 2 days straight...even to bed. She begged and I was pretty sure she wouldn't catch  a disease from 2 day old clothing. Pick your battles people.

We decorated as we listened to John Denver and the Muppets and Andy Mason's Christmas Album.


If you are wondering what our tree looks like read this post as this year's decoration is identical to last year.

Have you decorated yet?


Kate said...

When my dear friend's little boy (now a tween) was 3 or 4, he wore the same pink boots to preschool daily. In NM. I loved him for it.

Mom said...

Aaah...I love your sweet family.

Emily said...

We've got our tree up and stockings hung and the nativity out. The ornaments this year are a mix of ours and my mom's. I am glad I inherited her boxes of ornaments. Each one tells a story! And we'll never need to buy ornament ever again, amen.

elizabeth said...

no decorating here, yet. we've been cleaning and rearranging and building. we'll get to the decorating. :) we are doing our daily advent reading and reflecting and celebrating, though. and that's so good.

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