Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Here is a random photo of us from 2004. 

I can tell you exactly what I was wearing 15 years ago on this day. I had on a vintage green flower print dress (which I still have and wear), a shiny leopard print long sleeved shirt worn under the dress (I still have this too, but no longer wear it---you're welcome), neon pink tights, and motorcycle boots that I had purchased from a Delia's catalog. My hair was in two buns and I am sure I was coated in make-up and glitter.

Why do I remember this outfit in such detail? Well, that is the day I dressed to impress my good friend Eric. So I donned my best clothes (no, I wasn't homeless I really thought I looked AWESOME) and met up with Eric. I remember the chill air of the New Mexico night. I remember feeling fairly confident in spite of a healthy dose of adolescent acne. We were with a group of friends and I managed to get Eric alone for a moment. I thankfully don't recall what I said, but it was probably right in line with the great Romantic poets. I am not sure what he said in response, but something along the lines of a yes.

We sealed the deal with an outing the next morning....we had breakfast burritos  and went garage sale-ing. Later we attended a wedding together.

Over the course of the last 15 years we have:

Lived in 4 states
Lived at 16 different mailing addresses
Owned 4 vehicles
Adopted 2 cats and a dog
Gotten 4 degrees (two each)
Owned 1 home
Had 2 children

Incidentally we have been very happy together over these past 15 years. Eric is truly my best friend (more on that/ beards tomorrow). I am so thankful to my 16 year old self for being awesome enough to snag this catch and lock it in!My husband is awesome!

Happy 15 years as a couple Eric!


Michelle said...

Oh, how I wish you had a photo (in color, of course), of that enchanting ensemble!

Being definitely a jeans-type girl, my daughter never wore anything that interesting, but she, too, found her life's mate in high school. H.S. romances rarely last, but it's nice to know some do!

Anonymous said...

Michelle - Maria said that she still has that amazing outfit... so maybe when Maria "cleans" out her closet, she can take an accidental photograph of that very outfit to show us? Hint, hint...

Jes said...

You two are so adorable! Looking back in this way is one of the "goodies" of that thing called time. My husband and I are coming up on year #9 for us. Crazy!

Anne Marie said...

How sweet! I remember what I was wearing the day I met Chad; the first day of our sophomore year. No idea why, since I wasn't planning on being his friend, let alone his wife. I pretty much thought he was a nosey brat that first day! It took a few weeks, but we did become best friends, and that almost kept me from dating him months later. But, I changed my mind, and the rest is (ancient) history!

Emily said...

Love it! I too am in favor of a photo recreation of the famous flower/neon/animal print outfit. Do you remember what Eric was wearing?

Maria Rose said...

I am going to have to see if I have a photo of that darn outfit....I am pretty sure that Eric was wearing an Adidas jump suit...

Sarah Purdy said...

These are my favorite kind of posts. I love hearing old stories and of course, any photos taken during that time are absolutely priceless. Josh and I are celebrating our 16 year anniversary as a couple this month! I don't know exactly what I wore to the bowling alley on December 23, 1996, but I'm positive it involved purple Doc Martens with the scuffs colored in with purple crayon (me) and a Star Wars shirt (him). I'll have to do a special blog post to mark the date.

Mom said...

You both were/are awesome and we are also glad you had sense to snag him.

I recently learned that Dad remembers what I was wearing the day he met me (also in High School). Isn't that sweet?

Congratulations. I love you both!

Kate said...

My daughter's birthday. Good date.

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