Monday, December 10, 2012

Five Months with Elise

Just like that another month has come and gone. Elise is 5 months today! I can hardly believe it.

 elise 5 months

Read about months 1, 2, 3, 4 by clicking the number

Over the course of the last month Elise has:
  • started solid foods, just a bit of rice cereal so far
  • been rolling around like crazy
  • come thisclose to independent sitting. She can sit for a moment before slowly leaning forward and ending up with her chin on her legs. She sits fine with a little support.
  • continued to be the spit up queen. No joke, she spit up as I wrote the last sentence.
  •  increased control over her limbs. She can grab stuff and manipulate it before ultimately putting it into her mouth.
  • become a smidge more accepting of car rides.
  • shown us that she is a momma's girl right now. She is happiest in my arms or making direct eye contact. 
  • realized that her father is hilarious and always good for a laugh.
  • started beating her fists like a mini King Kong
  • continued to prefer standing with support to most anything
  • decided that Cordelia is about the most interesting person in her world.
  • really begun to recognize and enjoy her grandparents.
  • shown us that she is a happy girl, eager to smile and laugh!
Elise 5 months


Sarah Purdy said...

Happy 5 month bday, baby girl!

elizabeth said...

she is so stinkin' cute!

Michelle said...

She is adorable. Such a fun stage of babyhood, so eager to learn and grow and master her physical abilities!

Carmen said...

Cute little chunky monkey :)

Mom said...

Oh, I love her!

singlemama said...

5 months already??? OMG...

so sweet and cute anyway!!!! :-)

Kate said...

Rather wonderful that BOTH your daughters are so terribly clever AND beautiful.

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