Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kindness Bandit


If you are just joining us let me catch you up to speed. My dear friend Emily recently sent me an email with an invitation to join her in a month of Random Acts of Kindness. She sent me the list you see below and asked me to join her. How could I possibly deny? She is posting about her adventures on a daily basis. Click here to read along with her ( I just linked to the first day, click on her header to get the most recent posts).
I am making adjustments along the way to make things vegan friendly or to add a personal touch or to make it less expensive as giving doesn't always have to be money related! I have been posting weekly updates as I work my way through this list! Please join me and let me know if you do/ post about it and I will link to your blog!

1. Go to the library and pay a random person's library fine
2. Leave a dollar in five (I left encouraging notes instead of cash) of your favorite library books
3. Bring treats to the local fire station
4. Tape quarters on the washers/dryers at a laundry mat.
5. Take vegan hot chocolate/cider to a Bell RingerI brought water as it was unseasonably warm.
6. Write a thank you note to a teacher or friend. Did this with Cordelia.
7. Plug a few parking meters downtown (we don't have them here so I will think of something else). I put change into a donation jar.
8. Hand out flowers to random people at the mall
9. Bring a gas station attendant a treat on Christmas Eve
10. Donate to or volunteer time at a local animal shelter. Donation! Unfortunately I have no time to volunteer.
11. Leave an encouraging Christmas card on a park bench. Left it indoors at the mall as it is crazy windy here.
12. Make and send a get well card to someone who is ill. We happen to know several people who have been under the weather.
13. Bring a poinsettia to a nurses station at a hospital or the secretaries in the office at school
14. Leave a treat for the mailman. Candy can and a thank you note.
15. Bake cookies and take them to a neighbor
16. Deliver canned goods to a food pantry
17. Pay for someone's drink at a local coffee shop (will pay for straight coffee, tea or soy based drinks)
18. Make a special card for grandparents telling them how much they are loved
19. Anonymously pay for a family's meal at a restaurant (since there are no vegan restaurants here I will instead donate vegan food to the local food bank)
20. Bring treats to the workers at the post office
21. Give a small gift to your grocery clerk when you check out.
22. Leave candy canes with an encouraging note attached on 10 cars in a parking lot
23. Leave a candy-cane and Christmas note on an ATM machine
24. Bring flowers to the librarians' desk at the library
25. Bring treats (or blankets or scarfs...) to the nursing home
26. Bring magazines, crayons and coloring books to a hospital waiting room
27. Pick up litter on your street or at a park
28. Bring up a neighbor's trash can. Our neighbors are quick to grab their cans (ha, that sounds funny) and they just had  baby so instead we brought them gifts for the new arrival and big brother.


Kirsteen Murray said...

I like this list, and your adjustments, as so many other lists seem to require you having a reasonable amount of money to start off with!

I don't think I've introduced myself yet, I'm Kirsteen, a Scottish SAHM of four boys. We've been talking about RAKs in our house for a few weeks and, like I said, your list seems so much more do-able! I may just copy it onto my blog soon too!

Maria Rose said...

Lovely to meet you Kirsteen! Please leave me a link to your blog!

Kate said...

I've seen lots and lots and lots of meals paid for anonymously for the families of soldiers in uniform, and that's gotten me thinking. We don't have a ton of extra money, but the last time we were out to dinner, we paid for a family with a severely autistc child at a nearby table to have dessert and coffee and we had water and shared a meal to make up the difference.

While I don't condone war, I definitely support our troops, but I also see lots of quiet heros close to home. I like that this list incorporates people who may not otherwise ever be noticed.

Kirsteen Murray said...

OK, it's http://lifeinmyhousefulofboys.blogspot.com

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