Friday, December 7, 2012

Music Box Dance Party


Last night was madness. Not bad, just cray-zay. Cordelia was wired. She was talking at warp speed. Asking loads of questions and basically doing that thing that 3 year old kids do right before bed time. She was running around on her tiptoes, she was running into things because she wasn't paying attention, she was playing, and she was always talking loudly. When I asked, "Why are you shouting instead of talking?"

She breathlessly responded, "I AM NOT SHOUTING! I AM JUST TALKING"

Elise was feeling chatty; which means she does the equivalent to baby shouting, no cooing for this girl, she basically lets everyone know that she has something (unintelligible) on her mind. Lots of "AHHHHH! BLAAAAHHHH! UUUHHHHHH!" Coupled with jubilant kicks and air punches.

Eric was at band practice. Bumblebee quietly retired to her bed. The cats disappeared into that mysterious place cats go when they are sick of humans; Cat Land. I was alone with the chaos.

Now I suppose any normal person would have suggested a quiet, winding down, type of activity. Not me. I thought, let's add another layer to this insanity and have a dance party. Truthfully I couldn't fathom reading over Elise's happy roars and playing Super House (an invented game by Cordelia) sounded sooooooo exhausting. So, dance party was the only idea I had that could entertain. Cordelia requested the music from her music box... I wound it up and she busted a move. Elise flailed happily.

Suddenly it hit me, tears started welling up because I am a sap realized that this time in my life was just too precious. Soon there will be quiet where once there was chaos. Soon these girls won't be interested in music box dance parties. I grabbed Cordelia in a tight hug, holding that moment just a little bit closer. When I let her go she assumed the downward facing dog position and said, "You sure love me dontcha mom?" If only she knew how very much I love my girls.

Then I got back to dancing and tickle tunnels and then a very quiet evening as the girls were sound asleep by 7:30.


Grandma Grace said...

How precious that she could vocalize her recognition of how much she she is loved.

Sarah Purdy said...

I love this post.

Mom said...

Oh, you made me get all teared up again.

Emily said...

You're a great mom, my friend!

Emily said...

You're a great mom, my friend!

Kate said...

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I asked my son what sex he thought the new baby would be (we'd planned to wait to find out.) Looking a bit incredulous that I'd even ask, he replied, "Boy. You love little boys so much that's just what you should always have."

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