Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rice Cereal for Elise

Babies generally start solid foods between 4-6 months, usually a thin rice cereal is the fist food given to babies. When Cordelia had her first go at it she had hit the necessary milestones and the doctor said she could try any time. I listened to him and we fed her that night. 

This time around I was in no rush. When the doctor said she was ready I thought, "Meh, I'll decide when she is ready." I figured we'd wait until 6 months. Little did I know, she would decide when she was ready...that was yesterday.

She has had a good interest in food for a couple of months, but nothing more than interest or so I thought. Yesterday afternoon Cordelia and I were having a picnic in the basement. Cordelia tried to feed Elise a bit of applesauce and I intervened just before Elise could get a taste. She was mad. I let her have a tiny sip of water and she was so excited. She is so over being a baby. So....Eric and I decided we could give her a try.

Dinner time came.

elise 1st food

She ate.

elise 1st food

She ate it all.

elise 1st food

She wanted more.

elise 1st food



Mom said...

What a sweet little face.

Sarah Purdy said...

She's growing up so fast!

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