Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Day

snow day 3

The snow has been softly falling, off and on, since Christmas Eve night. The temperature has stayed below freezing and so the snow  has been accumulating.

snow day 4

Eric doesn't have to brave the very icy roads to work; his boss gave him a snow day! So we are settling in for a day at home. A day of projects and warm drinks, snuggles and cozy clothes.

snow day 2

What is it like where you are?

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Anonymous said...

Where I am is exactly like you! Except the plows seem to have the day off! Our side roads are impassable and those getting stuck are numerous. So glad we work in the middle of the night when we can can go really slow without worrying about anyone behind us beeping their horns!

Anne Marie said...

We are having the same winter wonderland here. No wind with all of this snow, so it is falling straight down. A beautiful and rare thing for Wyoming. Hooray for cocoa!

Stacy said...

Merry Christmas!! Looks like you had a good day. We haven't had any snow but LOTS of rain yesterday. Still a good reason to stay home!

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