Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hopeful Sweater

Do you remember this post? It has been almost exactly one year since I posted that blog entry wondering about the little baby that would join our family. I had purchased a little white sweater for a baby I didn't know. We had no idea of gender yet, let alone personality. I remember feeling hopeful and nervous. I was hopeful that everything would go smoothly, that life would fall into a new rhythm, that our new baby would be healthy. More than anything I hoped that Cordelia and her new sibling would love each other.

A year later I have a baby in that soft sweater and a 3 year old who loves her sister.




I feel deep gratitude that my hopeful sweater has been filled in ways more wonderful than I could have imagined.


Mom said...

Those girls are so beautiful together. I love them so much!

Kate said...

I remember that sweater. Liked it then, love it now. It's much better with that sweet babe inside it. And Cordelia cannot possibly get any cuter. ... Right?

Maria Rose said...


Stacy said...

Awesome - those two are blessings for sure!

elizabeth said...

oh! what a great idea!
and what a special little one who filled that sweater for you!

your two girls just make me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun picture of Cordelia spinning the "world around" and I suppose that sweater will get used a lot this winter. Glad everything went "according to plan"!

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