Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kitchen Before and After or Painting the Cabinets Part II

 We we moved into our house in April 2011 it was in great condition. The previous owner left us a house in excellent repair. The only changes we have had to make are purely to our personal taste. Over the months I have given you a few glimpses as we have worked our way through the house, but I have never really given you a good look at the kitchen. Mostly because I just wasn't a fan of the cabinets. I kept waiting for a magical window of opportunity to paint and it did not come. So, as I mentioned in this post, I just did it anyway. Well, I finally finished painting the cabinets. When I started to look through the kitchen we had on sale day I was shocked to see just how much it has changed. Yes, there are still things I want to do (new fridge, range hood, counter tops, back-splash, dishwasher, etc.) I am really starting to like this space. Join me on a little before and after tour!

before kitchen 1

before kitchen2

before kitchen3

before kitchen4

Since move in day we have: removed the border, painted the walls, replaced faucet, replaced stove, painted cabinets, replaced cabinet hardware, new light fixture, replaced outlet and light switch covers, and probably some more stuff I have forgotten. So, now here is a look into our kitchen as it is today.


kitchen re-do 7



kitchen re-do 6

kitchen re-do 4

kitchen re-do 3

kitchen re-do 2

So there you have it! Join me tomorrow for another look into our house as we have been painting this week.


Michelle said...

Light and bright--I love it!

Tammie said...

oh my! it looks great.

ive repainted a kitchen before. its tedious and a lot of work. good job!

Mom said...

Your artistic souls are making it such a lovely place!

Sarah Purdy said...

Wow! The cabinets look great! I'm really impressed that you finished by your deadline. I love the pops of orange too. Very cool and very YOU. Can't wait to enjoy your new kitchen at our next (soon to be scheduled) get together.

Emily said...

Looks so clean and bright! I love white cabinets. You did a great job!

ps-- Love the new blog header. Especially the photos of your family (yay, Elise made the header!) and the gentle donkey in the background!

Anonymous said...

I like your orange walls! And the white cabinets surely brighten things up in there.

sophie said...

Gorgeous. It's amazing what a little paint can do.

Stacy said...

BIG improvement!! I love it. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I just looked at this post again... yeah I don't know why... but I have a question. The after picture doesn't have one with the stove, did you keep the fruit mural thing above it?

Maria Rose said...

No Roxanne, the fruity border was the first thing to go. I just forgot to add a pic of the stove fridge area.

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