Monday, January 21, 2013

Project: Hot Air Balloon

 hot air 3

A few weeks ago an idea popped into my head. I wanted to make some tiny hot air balloons for Cordelia's room. Who knows why...the idea was just there, rattling around. Over the course of the next few days an idea began to percolate (side note: whenever I use that word I think of this scene from Twin Peaks, anyone else? anyone? Is this thing on?).

I decided upon a strategy and here it is in all of its splendor and glory.

You will need:

For the balloons
  • newspaper or old phone book paper, torn into strips
  • bucket or bowl
  • flour and water glue-- I use an approximate 2 parts water 1 part flour and stir until it is a watery sludge. Put into bucket or bowl
  • balloons, blown up
  • paint and brush
For the basket
  • sisal
  • crochet hook
Everything else
  • twine
  • yarn
  • some sort of small poking device. I used a screwdriver for eyeglasses
  •  2 embroidery hoops in chosen size, you will only need the inner hoop. (hot tip #1 thrift stores are crawling with them)
The Process
  1. First you will blow up your balloons. I used six. Remember to keep them rather small.                       Hot air
  2.  Dip your paper strips into the glue mix and place on the balloons (hot tip #2 stabilize your balloons, I put mine into old jars). Cover the entire balloon in 2 layers with the exception of the bottom bit where the balloon tie is. Leave to dry                                                                                                         Hot air
  3. Once the balloons are dry pop and remove the balloons.
  4. Trim the balloons into a good hot air balloon shape.
  5. Paint the balloons. You can also paint the embroidery hoops if so desired
  6. Crochet a few little baskets with sisal. If you don't crochet make friends with someone who does OR you could wrap and glue sisal around an old soy yogurt container or something like that.
  7. Poke tiny holes in the bottom of your balloons (one on each side), and use twine to attach the balloon to the basket.
  8. poke a tiny hole on the top center of the balloon and string yarn or twin through. I recommed using a long piece at first and trimming to size.
  9. The display of you balloons is totally up to you, you could hang them like bunting or follow my lead. I used two embroidery hoops a small and a large. I tied them together, making a loop in the center to hang. Then I hung the balloons at various heights until I was happy. I also had to adjust the balloons a bit to get the balance right.
hot air 2

hot air 4

hot air1


Michelle said...

Very creative and original! And I admire your courage in turning a three-year-old loose with a big bowl of paste and newspaper strips. I like it!

Sarah Purdy said...

So pretty! Like a fairy balloon day! How did Cordie like the paper mache mix? That gloppy texture gives me the heeby jeebies.

Mom said...

I am charmed and impressed!

Anonymous said...

Did Cordelia pop the balloons? They look great and fun to make!

Kate said...

I had a hard time gettinga way from hot air baloons for Dandelion's room. We settled on Enchanted forest a la Elsa Beskow, but I think I want some clouds. That's forest-y, right?

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