Saturday, January 5, 2013

Project: Stamp-tastic

We spend a lot more time indoors in the winter and when you are cooped up with kids for days on end you gotta come up with a few projects to pass the time. We recently had one such day and I scrambled to find a fun project for Cordelia. I grabbed a basket of stamps (purchased in bulk from a thrift store), some water-soluble paint and some paper. I covered the table in newspaper and set up a work space for the little lady.



I had to show her how to carefully dip and place the stamp, but then she was ready to roll!


The whole project took a fair amount of time (golden activity in parent land). Later, when the paint was dry she colored and applied stickers, bonus round 2. So what to do with all of this? A few ideas:
  1. On the reverse have child dictate a letter to a family member, friend, teacher.
  2. Use as wrapping paper
  3. Hang up in bedroom (temporarily)
  4. Make kid scrap book


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Anonymous said...

Moms have to have a great imagination to keep children busy during the winter. And you do such a great job!

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