Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life in the Details

Today is all about the little details of our life, as it is now, and never will be again.

Elise's grabby little hand

Chair with a pillow, squashed by a snoozing cat who ran off just before a photo

Some art from our collection


Dried paints

winter mess
Winter clothes strewn by the back door


girl and dog
A girl and her dog

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Michelle said...

It is such a hoot seeing all the different outfits Cordelia comes up with!fbypteb

sara said...

the first pic made me smile. i was always trying to take pictures of my babies' chubby little hands and feet!

Anonymous said...

I forgot when the sale ended and bought something at the store without the code because I didn't know it was still on... oh well, thanks!
I like your chair and pillow, the orange and blue goes well with your decor.

Sarah Purdy said...

I love that photo of Cordy with Bee. These were really sweet today. Thanks.

Court said...

So precious, thanks for sharing your details with us!

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