Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mother Daughter Date

Life as a family of four is great and it has even afforded us a few new opportunities to switch up the dynamic to ensure that everyone gets some quality time. Yesterday I invited Cordelia on a little mother daughter date while Eric and Elise stayed home for a little one-on-one time of their own. I asked Cordelia what she wanted to do. She chose three things:
  1. French fries and lemonade at a restaurant that she's never been to before.
  2. Pictures in the booth at the mall.
  3. A trip to Hobby Lobby in search of a project.
First we went to a little diner in town. I let her choose the seat. She wanted to sit next to me instead of across from me. She wanted to order for us so we rehearsed on our way there. Once we were seated she asked our waitress in her sweet little voice, "May we have two small lemonades and some fries and ketchup and mustard please?" Our waitress was charmed.



We sat and ate our fries as the few people in the diner eavesdropped on our conversation. Cordelia chattered on, oblivious to all of the hearts she was melting.

Our waitress couldn't help herself and even sat down across from us to talk with a very chatty Cordelia. Once we were done it was on to the photo booth at the mall.


She was happy to feed the machine the dollars and to choose the princess border for the prints. She declared that the pink diamond on the bottom was "fabulous." She also surprised me for a lip smooch when I went in for a cheek kiss, that was slobbery...


Finally we went to Hobby Lobby in search of a project, but she found herself drawn to a musical triangle. So, it came home with us instead of a project.

Eric and Elise
I understand Eric and Elise had a great time as well.


Sarah Purdy said...

It sounds like you ladies had a marvelous date. I love the photo strip!

Mom said...


elizabeth said...

yes - the photo strip is really sweet!

Stacy said...

I love mother daughter dates... and good manners melt my heart! Newest follower... hope you will come check out my blog too!

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