Thursday, February 28, 2013

Odds and Ends

tweedle dee hat

Today I am kind of all over the place. Last night was long and at some point during my extremely interrupted sleep I had a dream that I was wrestling a bison and a wookie in our neighbor's yard...all to protect a kitten. So, in light of all that I feel entitled to an odds and ends type of post. we go. 3-2-1-BLAST OFF!

Elise could probably take a step or two on her own if she wouldn't get so excited about standing that she felt the need to celebrate by bouncing up and down.

I am out of chocolate chips. I need to get to a store, stat!

If I could have a super power I would want to be able to talk to animals. You?

 I have never made a complete pie. I always wimp out and buy crust. I am putting an end to that.

I want to  buy a lot of land and homestead and live as an eccentric millionaire artist.

Saturday is Eric's last day at the job he's held for the last four years. While we are excited for his new job it is certainly bittersweet. He has had an amazing job and has worked with some great people.

It might be odd if you aren't following Rooted Vegan (Click here)?

What are your odds and ends today?



affectioknit said...

I'd definitely talk to animals too...that was my favorite part of the movie UP...

~Have a lovely day!

Carmen said...

Odd - Caitlin growls at me in the morning to pick her up out of bed. Once she's in my arms she makes an excited "eeee!" sound and bounces up and down.

End - I used up the last of my coffee beans this morning. Need to remedy that stat!

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