Friday, February 15, 2013

Queen of Hearts

So it finally happened. I feel off the deep end into the mom blogger abyss and it felt goood. Allow me to present you with the holiday themed evidence.

Valentine's Breakfast: Pink vegan pancakes. Heart shaped? Check.


Valentine's Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Heart shaped? Check!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Dinner: Individual vegan pizzas. Heart shaped? CHECK!



Valentine's Dessert: Wacky cake. Heart shaped?! Check and mate!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day



Michelle said...

These are the kinds of things kids remember all their lives! (And expect every year--family tradition-making is so great.)

affectioknit said...

Sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!

~Have a lovely day!

Sarah Purdy said...

You're the Valentine Mother of My Dreams. Clear out that studio space, I'm moving in.

Kate said...

We did that, too! And I'm even remotely ashamed that my non-artist hands made what looked like fox heads rather than hearts most of the time. Nope, did not care.

AKM said...

Well, as you know, hearts are very Valentine's, so you did well. ;-)

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