Sunday, February 10, 2013

Seven Months with Elise

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Today marks seven months since Elise was born. This month has been the most fun yet! You can watch her progression by clicking on the months 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

elise 7 months

Over the past month Elise has:
  • started speaking. She is absolutely saying momma and dada!
  • expanded her recognition of others. She will look in the direction of the rest of her family when we say their name, that includes my parents, brother Sam and Bumblebee, but not the cats.
  • started pulling up to standing.
  • gotten the hang of walking while holding on with both hands.
  • started to get on all fours and alternate between trying to crawl and/or stand independently.
  • become even more smitten with her big sister. The feeling is mutual.
  • started bathing with big sister, no more baby tub.
  • become totally fine with car rides.
  • become a total momma's girl. She is happiest in my arms, but is now confident enough to let others hold her (for a while anyway). She loves to flirt and smile with everyone.
  • taken cry time from 8+ hours a day (when she was 0-3 months, no joking) down to 10 minutes or less a day!
  • become able to play more independently, but her favorite games are peek-a-boo and so big.
  • shown major interest in real food and drink.
  • become, dare I say, a fairly mellow baby.
  • been spitting up less frequently. We surmise that her tough early months had some link to digestive issues. become so incredibly affectionate. She loves to hug and kiss and cuddle! When I pick her up she will beat my chest with her tiny fists, bury her head in my shoulder and say, "mmmommmaaaa."
  • continued to have a baby faux-hawk (fake mohwak).
elise 7 months


Mom said...

Such a pretty little face!

Sarah Purdy said...

Happy birthday big girl!

Stacy said...

And still adorable!!!!

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