Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cell Phone

Do you remember a time without cell phones, camera phones, etc.? I sure do. My daughters will not. If you had told me a decade ago that I would always carry around a small rectangle that had the ability to take photos and video I would have had my mind melted. Now add to that the fact that I can have a face time conversation with my brother (who rudely lives a zillion miles away), that I can pay bills and watch videos from this tiny "phone." Do you realize how sci-fi this is? I mean seriously, scientists are growing ears on arms and face transplants are a reality. Whoa!

Anyway, that was just a tangent....don't get me started on black holes, that is my Achilles heel of tangents. I will go on and on. Oh man, now I really want to talk black holes. Hold me back people....

You see this post started out as a way to show you random photos from our old phone (pre-iphone). The quality is low, but the memories are real. Here is a little sampling

Cordelia wearing headphones, maybe age 1 1/2

bubba teeth
Any time I eat chocolate (all the time) I like to spread it on my teeth and send Eric a picture of what I'd look like with poor dental hygiene.

Let's erase that last picture from our minds, shall we.

Cordelia running with garden buckets on her head.

My parent's dog Bode as a puppy.

Cordelia in a cape.

On the road.

Elise cell phone photo

Eic and a missile
Eric with a missile, or something.

mom on slide with bode
The time my mother went down the slide with Bode.

star wars vampires
Star Trek Vampires

dad and elise
My father, holding a newly born Elise.

winking bum
Bumblebee winking

What do you do with phone photos?


Sarah Purdy said...

My phone photos make up 99.9% of my blog photo content. Without my phone, I probably wouldn't be blogging. My photographer brother sometimes complains about the quality but to him I say, "Hey. Buy me a nice camera, teach me how to use it and, oh yeah, make sure it fits in my back pocket. Till then, ease up, bro."

Mom said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Marianne said...

Oh, you have Star Trek uniforms! Just bought one for myself too. :-)

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