Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Confessions: Sports/ Why I am not a natural athlete


  • When I was in junior high I was in basketball. It seemed like a good fit. I'm tall. That's all you need right? Well, let me paint a little picture for you. Me, gangly, pimply, awkwardness embodied. I held my shirt as I ran, even if I had the ball (long story). I never made a basket, wait I think I made one free throw. It was bad folks, real adolescent nightmare bad. 
  • For gym I ALWAYS changed in the bathroom stall. I pretended it was because of the rumor that the boys could see into the girl's locker room. I knew they couldn't. I was just that weird girl who lurked in the handicap stall after class/ practice.
  • I had a minor heart condition in high school (it was resolved my junior year) and as a result I wasn't allowed to run the mile at the end of the semester. Normally this is like getting the golden ticket. Instead I had to walk it and the class had to sit and wait for me to finish.
  • I am scared to catch softballs that make it to outfield, which is totally where I was stationed. Softballs are not soft ya'll and I do not have excellent hand eye coordination. So someone else on my team would always run over with a sigh when the ball came my way.
  • I enjoyed kickball. I wasn't particularly good at it, but I feel as though I am bagging on sports, so yeah kickball was OK.
  • I once broke my thumb by goofing off with 5lb weights. 
  • I broke my cheek playing on a jungle gym.
Your turn


Daphne said...

I broke my nose trying to vault over a gymnastics horse. The gym teacher asked, "Does your nose always look like that?"

Michelle said...

I know it's not kind to laugh at others...but, TeeHeeHee. Enjoyed and sympathized with you Confession, not being a natural athlete either. My youthful sports experiences weren't quite as bad as yours, but in my "olden days" girls were considered rather delicate and not so much was expected of us athletically!

Anonymous said...

I have a dislocated elbow, and a crooked pelvic bone so the things I loved gymnastics and tap dancing were out of my range.
I did play soccer for a little while in grade 9 but didn't like the hits to the head with the ball....

Sarah Purdy said...

The first time I tried snowboarding, I severely sprained my ankle. It took me about 10 years before I tried it again (and liked it!).

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