Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Live from the Hive

If you have been reading my blog long then you know that Eric and I are casual stalkers of newscasters, just search the term newscaster on my blog and you'll see. Oh yes, you'll see. It all started with a chance encounter with a newscaster while at the airport in Missoula. We then made something of a game of know spotting newscasters, video bombing the news (where we pass through the background of news spots). We currently live in a small town so this is pretty effortless.

Anyway, we've had something of a dry spell if you hadn't noticed.

Today, that all changed. Eric entered The Hive

I woke Eric a few minutes before 6, because I am always awake, and he got ready for his news debut. For really. He left just as Cordelia was waking. Elise and I were already going strong, The sun hadn't yet risen. I went to the basement and turned on the TV. Thankfully he was on one of the four channels we get. Cordelia, Elise and I rolled around on the floor as we waited for the big moment.

He was being interviewed for his new curatorial position so he kept it strictly professional.

the hive

the hive

the hive

He did a great job. A natural.  Our friend Josh suggested that he needs a publicist at this point with all of the press he's been getting. 

Finally, I had one demand...he had to get a picture with the newscasters. The only other time this has been done is when Sam, still a teen at the time, did a high school day with the news crew (click here). He couldn't be out done by Sam. He delivered. Booyah!



Michelle said...

I particularly like the profile shot with the big smile.

Allen said...

Saw it this morning grrrrrrrrreat.

Mom said...

Yay for Eric! Now, instead of him stalking newscasters I expect they will be stocking him!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Eric, wish I could see it... I have no TV. Congratulations for having the best job in the world!

Stacy said...

He looks good on TV. And your newscaster sightings in one of my favorite quirks. Love it and big congrats to Eric!

Marianne said...

Oh gosh, he resembles my husband. Looking so formal in his high profile position, playing in a band, painting and being interested in art of all sorts. Renaissance people are the best! :-)

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