Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mom Rant: Gender


Eric is infuriated by those commercials that show a wife taking care of business while the husband does something stupid.  You know what I am talking about, the husband tries to give the dog a bath and then ends up spraying water and flinging mud as children and a dirty dog make messes. Enter the mother who saves the day with a roll of paper towels. He hates when people laugh knowingly in a way that suggests men are all bumbling idiots and women keep it all in order. I can't say that I am all that fond of it either. I get that when in a marriage the jobs often get divided and when one spouse enters territory that is not their normal turf stuff can happen, but it really isn't fair to suggest that the nonsense falls on the shoulders of men alone.

Lately Cordelia has been wanting to watch music videos on youtube. She has terrible taste, always wanting to watch Gangnam Style or Jedward (Elise is totally into them too). Yes, it is completely my fault for letting them watch them in the first place, but in my defense I had no idea that they'd even care. In watching the videos I became annoyed at the way women were being portrayed and objectified...cutting edge thoughts I tell you. Anyway, I wanted to find something to counteract that negativity and I typed in the search some phrase like strong women and came upon Beyonce's Girls Rule the World. I watched it and the whole premise is that women rule the world with seduction, or some intangible womanly power. UGH! At one point Beyonce crawls on the ground sexily as she sings something about raising a glass to the college grads. Huh?!? What is the message?

So it got me thinking about what message I want my girls to learn about gender. Obviously I probably shouldn't rely on TV or the internet to shed any light on the matter, unless I want to raise girls who think men are dummies who fall victim to their womanly ways. BLECK!

I guess mostly I am just ranting at this point, with no real focus. Where was I? Oh yeah, I wonder how I should approach gender issues with my girls. Do I try to empower them? Do I downplay gender altogether? Do I tell them that girls are better than boys?----No, I guess the best I can offer is to show these girls that men and women can do or be whatever they want, at least in this country, if they work to attain their goals. I hope that the relationship Eric and I share will show them that both genders are capable and that we are all bumbling idiots at times too.


Anonymous said...

I like your honesty, I too have had issues on how men and women are portrayed in the social media.
My boy played with dolls as well as trucks... no biggie!
He is an interesting fellow now!

Michelle said...

Amen. You really hit on one of my pet peeves with this blog!

It was so very wrong in the past (and still going on in some places) where women were denigrated and only men could do certain things. It is just as wrong to portray men as bumbling dummies outsmarted by both their wives and their children, which has become popular currency in today's entertainment.

Respect for both sexes is needed.

And whatever happened to "I don't want to be seen as just a sex object; I want to be known for my brains and abilities"--the cry of the women's liberation movement? Now it seems that women are screaming to be seen as sexy above all else. Good grief.

Mom said...

Well said!

Sarah Purdy said...

Amen sister!

Mason-Jezek Journal said...

I had a book growing up, "The Paper Bag Princess"...fantastic! Elizabeth is the Princess, Ronald is her suitor...a dragon comes a long, burns stuff down...dragon takes Ronald, Elizabeth can only find a paper bag to wear...(spoiler alert) Elizabeth out smarts the dragon and saves Ronald! She's the hero...and when he doesn't want her anymore because she's just wearing a paper bag...she's cool with it. :)

Just an idea for helping the girls to see that girls can be heroes too...and that appearance doesn't matter when it comes to love. I LOVED the book when I was little.

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