Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Eric has a week at home between jobs. Saturday was his last day at the Veteran's Museum. Next week he starts at the Nicolaysen! We are thrilled to have him around the house all week. This morning he got up with the girls and let me catch up on some lost sleep. He took these great photos of our girls and then, when it was time, he led the girls upstairs for what he hoped would be a sweet family snuggle. He prompted Cordelia to hug me and tell me she loves me, instead she said, "Momma can you wake up and make dinner?" Then Elise started screaming. Ha ha! I got up and sweet snuggles soon followed.



Elise and Cordelia


C and B


Mom said...

Great early a.m. photos, Eric!

Victoria said...

I love the "daddy" point of view! Enjoy your time together!! xo

Sarah Purdy said...


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