Thursday, March 14, 2013

Outside at Last

While I will be the first to admit it has been a mild winter I am looonging for spring. I love our yard. I love spending time outside and I cannot wait to dig in, to garden, to play, to drink pink lemonade, to enjoy.

Yet, first there is some work to be done...the largest project being Bumblebee bombs. We are good scoopers from March-October, but November-February we do the bare minimum. While Bumblebee seems to find inspiration and gives it her all. So, yesterday it was in the 60s and time to break out the poop shovel (don't worry, no photos of that). I scooped while the rest of the family enjoyed the weather. Then Eric did a final sweep of the yard, looking for any tiny Hershey kisses as we call them. Yes, to answer your question, we are very classy.


Anyway, after that job was done, we just enjoyed our time outside. Cordelia sported her latest fashion concoction (jeans, Snow White dress, favorite jacket, motorcycle boots, Easter hat).



We surveyed the damage from the winter. Righting overturned pots and cleared out the yard tea. Not familiar with yard tea? Yard tea is the phenomenon that occurs when your kiddie pool blows over in a storm, fills with leaves and snow without your notice---the snow melts and leaves you with pool tea. Gah-rosssssss.


yard tea
fresh brewed yard tea

More than anything we looked for signs of new life, buds and little hints of green.

new growth



new growth

I just love this time of year when all things brown and beige begin to fade away and make room for the vibrant colors and life of spring! ZING!


ELise and I


Sarah Purdy said...

Three cheers for Spring! Hip-hip hooray!

Stacy said...

We have some crocuses and daffodils up by me! Love it.

Mom said...

Oh my, Cordy does have a uniquely wonderful sense of style.

Michelle said...

Re Cordy's clothing choices--that acorn did not fall far from the tree! I remember that her parents have made some unique statements--and still love to do costumes, judging from your blogs. What fun. So great to be able to express yourselves.

Victoria said...

I see we both have Spring on our minds!! Arf!

Anne Marie said...

Spring is near! Hope and joy flood my heart just thinking about it! WAHOO!

Tina said...

I am looking forward to spring; I am sure Steven is not, especially when I tell him to go grab the scooper. :(

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