Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday it was kind of warmish. Pay no heed to Cordelia's outfit, she insisted. It was really just light jacket/ pink cheeks weather. I took the girls and Bumblebee out for a little walk in our neighborhood. The air was cool, but not cold. The sun was shining just enough to take the edge off of the breeze. Cordelia and I chatted as Elise tried to lean forward in the Maya Wrap for a better look at Bumblebee who trotted along in her basset-y way.

 When we got back home we let Bumblebee inside to lay on the floor as is her after walk routine. We stayed out front and explored the yard.

Tulips just poking up through the soil

Our garden W is mostly in tact after the winter

Cordelia had to hop the stepping stones a few times

We found feathers and deer and bunny poop (you're welcome for not photographing those).

Elise soaked it all in, her first early spring...outside of the womb.

She grabbed handfuls of dried grass and watched her sister play

Cordelia was eager to explore and share the experience with her little sister.

Have you been able to get outside much?


Anne Marie said...

It was beautiful here yesterday! Got to a temp of 57, no wind, and the sun felt glorious. I just stood outside for awhile, eyes closed, head thrown back, enjoying the sun on my face. Spring is coming!

Sarah Purdy said...

Thank you for always making me see something I overlooked. I haven't been outside much and only saw the dry, brownness outside my window. Now, thanks to you, I will make a point of taking a closer look.

Also, that cow suit...I love it!

Mom said...

I will always love watching those two girls share experiences.

sara said...

Aw, did Cordelia choose Elise's outfit, too? Too cute!

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