Monday, March 25, 2013

Quiet Mornings


The mornings that Cordelia has preschool are quiet indeed. I drop her off at school and then return home to share a little quiet with Elise. Eric is gone. Cordelia is gone. The cats are snuggled in for a nap. Bumblebee quietly follows from room to room, finding a quiet corner to sleep in, but keeping me in sight. These mornings remind me of when Cordelia was a baby---gentle play, quiet cooing, smiles and naps. How strange is our house without the chatter of a three year old.


While I miss Cordelia when she is gone I am thankful to have a little one-on-one time with Elise. Time that allows her to get the full attention of her momma (until nap time, then I blog and zone out on Pinterest for 45 minutes). These mornings are times that I will surely look back on with fondness.


Elise and I play, work on her crawling, I read to her, I snuggle her. I gaze intently at her baby-ness without worry that I will hurt the tender feelings of her older sister. I pinch sweet cheeks and elicit baby giggles. I breathe in the smell of my littlest girl and stare in wonder at this amazing little soul under my care.

Elise and Bee

When the morning is over and it is time to pick up big sister Elise is anxious to get going, ready to play with that big sister who is teaching her all about being a kid. The noise and life that accompany a three year old girl will fill up the quiet and bring a new kind of joy to the rest of the day. Big sister and little sister will play and laugh and enjoy the afternoon.

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But Gwen loves her time with Cordelia.

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