Saturday, March 2, 2013


One year ago we found out Elise was Elise. Click here. We found out that we were having another girl. What a validation for my efforts at saving all of those baby girl clothes. We were so very happy to welcome another girl into our family, just seemed right. Plus we had to restore some balance to the family; we have 9,000 nephews (or 7).  Oddly, when we told people that we were having another girl there were a few folks who said things like, "So, you are going to try again then?" Try again for what? Two girls is exactly right for us.



Plus I need two girl hat models to exploit for Wyoming Rose.


sophie said...

Oh so cute! BTW we were often asked if we were going to try for a boy - so strange like what you already have isn't enough!

Mom said...

Two absolutely perfect little girls!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people think they always have to have one of each gender to have a complete family.
As long as you are healthy and the babies are healthy, it doesn't matter which gender they are.

Stacy said...

And your two girls are AWESOME!!

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