Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Smile

Cordelia is a sensitive soul who feels things deeply. I think this makes her quite compassionate, but she is also just learning to harness these big (and sometimes not so big) feelings she has. She can easily understand that her actions impact others. She worries if someone is sad or she has injured feelings. She inherently understands that our actions impact others. She is still so very young and that sensitivity, which will someday be an asset, is often the source of bruised feelings when she feels slighted.

Thankfully her disposition is naturally a sunny one and it is easy to turn that frown upside down. The trick is one my family learned with my youngest brother Sam. Just tell her, "Don't smile Cordelia. I mean it, don't do it." Eventually she cannot help herself. The joy breaks through like sunshine through the clouds.

Recently Cordelia was upset about something that didn't feel like nonsense to her, but to the rest of the world it most certainly was nonsense.
don't smile 1

I assessed the situation and it was clear that there was no real drama unfolding and I turned to my tried and true method. "Don't smile Cordelia, " I said.

don't smile 2

"Don't do it. Do not smile."

don't smile 3

"Oh no! It looks like you're smiling."

don't smile 4

"Oh, it is too late. You're smiling now."

don't smile5

Then all is forgotten and happiness reigns in my sunny girl.


Anne Marie said...

Awesome photos! Megan has the "big feelings", too. Even though she is nearly 16, the "don't smile" still works on her. I used it just the other day, in fact. It is a wonderful trick that has never failed. I'm sure you have many years of using it ahead of you! :o)

Michelle said...

Thanks for a morning smile!

Anonymous said...

I love the smile growing in the pictures! So endearing!
We as parents know well enough when we tell our children NOT to do something, they do the exact opposite.
I was one of those children and my mother learned very fast to say in a very huffy voice, "Fine! don't get dressed!" and voila, I would start putting my clothes on...

affectioknit said...

That is quite a happy smile!

~Have a lovely day!

Jes said...


Kate said...

So much like my SONshine. He is still a sensitive, old soul. I love it.

Mom said...

Oh, how I love these photos!

elizabeth said...

i love this!
i love that you caught all the stages of the smile. :)

(these wonderful oldest children . . . melancholy and sunshine all rolled together)

Stacy said...

She is such a sweet soul. I love the photos!

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