Monday, April 29, 2013

Family Fun

We had a crazy wonderful weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We spent nearly the entire weekend outside. We cleaned up in the yard, we started weeding and thinking about planting. Sunday afternoon/evening we were joined by our friends, affectionately known as the Wolfpack. In spite of some ominous clouds and a bit of wind we were able to enjoy a lovely time out back!

Cordelia with dirty knees

Elise and Ari
Elise and Ari


Sarah in the grass that is just starting to green up

Wine, flowers and sunscreen

When it started to cool down outside we came in for some dessert. The girls played. The guys played guitar in the basement. Sarah and I talked.



stair ari
Ari worked on the stairs, wink.


log roll hug
Once the girls started log roll hugging we knew the night would soon be over. Once you reach that level of intensity it means that bed time will soon be a necessity.

It was a really perfect weekend. I love spring.


Stacy said...

Nice!! I rested most of the weekend... hoping to be back to full steam soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that both kids have friends in the same family!

Michelle said...

Lovely, lovely. And such cute kid pics.

Sarah Purdy said...

We had such a nice time! Thanks again.

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