Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Haircut and Other Numbers

Well, it was time. High time. Elise was in need of a little trim. Her wild baby mohawk was getting in the way and needed a little snip. So she had her first haircut.

elise before 1st haircut
Elise before the haircut

elise 1st haircut
Elise after first haircut.Sporting a side-swept bang.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and we spent some time outside. Cordelia surprised us by drawing a couple of skateboarders.

cordelia drawing skateboarders
Cordelia drawing two skateboarders


Today is my 2,000th post! Can you believe that?!? Bananas.What a lot has happened in those 2,000 posts. Thank you for reading! Some of you ( my mom and Eric) have read all of them!


affectioknit said...

Sweet girls! Congratulations on your 2000th post!

~Have a lovely day!

Mom said...


Your 2,000 posts have brightened the lives of many people. Yes, I've read each one. It has become one of my favorite things each day. I can't wait to read each one and as soon as I do, I start looking forward to the next one.

I love Elise's new bangs. She looks like she is happy with it as well.

And Cordy... I'm so glad she is enjoying using the double dose of artistic talent she has inherited!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And hope to read many more!

Michelle said...


I have enjoyed the fact that Elise kept her baby Mohawk, but her new 'do is really cute. What a gorgeous photo of a happy girl!

Maria Rose said...

Don't worry, it still looks like a baby mohawk.

Carmen said...

Your girls are sweethearts :) Cordelia draws better people than my six year old - ha!

Sarah Purdy said...

Congrats! You've come a long way, baby!

Stacy said...

Happy 2000!!!

Karen Masek said...

Good job!!!!know that they are very much enjoyed....your girls are delightful

Clare said...

Ok, I hope I do not offend you, please know that obe of my babies looked very much like Bill Murray for a small awkward phase, due to a peninsula of hair among no hair. Beautiful Elise's hair pre-cut reminds me a little of the Gary Oldman charachter in 5th element. (: Good job on the trim, and the blog. Btw, no matter what I do, it always puts me in as anonymous, but this is Clare from Ca!

Maria Rose said...

Clare, no offense taken. We often joke tha her Mohawk looks like Billmurray'a combover in Kingpin!

Court Dan said...

So gorgeous. It's perfect.

AKM said...

Yay for 2000! I'm sure I've read at least 1975 or so. ;-) I've been a bit behind here and on your mama's blog lately due to school and such. I hope to rectify that today, because I miss my friends. :-)

Your mom is right: you have brightened so many of my days for the past few years. Truly you possibly do not know the joy and hope that you are spreading here! It has been an absolute blessing for me to "get to know" you and your family through this blog (and your mom's). I do so hope to meet in person someday. (I still think y'all need to plan a STL trip! You know your daddy would LOVE that! Hee hee.)

Have a wonderful Wyoming weekend!

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