Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me and Giveaway

  1.  I am pretty darn good at Dr. Mario on Nintendo. Ditto Ms. PacMan
  2.  I am currently designing a rather large tattoo (brace yourself family).
  3.  I once dyed my hair black and used waterproof mascara to color my brows.
  4. I love Russian literature.
  5. I have a BA in history and an MA in art history.
Now it is your turn. Tell me five fun facts about you!

Nasoya banana muffins by rooted vegan

I am off and running early today, but I wanted to tell you about a little giveaway over at Rooted Vegan! Check it out!


Anonymous said...

1) I have a dislocated elbow.
2) I love , love, love to read juvenile books ("Little house on the prairie" or "Nancy Drew Mystery series" etc...)
3) I love Heidi and read the book from cover to cover once every year.
4) I am a procrastinator, I'd rather do anything else but what I am supposed to be doing because it's more fun - yeah, I haven't grown up yet!
5) I am in love with tea cups and saucers but don't like tea.

Jes said...

Yay, this is fun :D
1) I used to race BMX when I was 12-14.
2) I have a thing about painting/drawing my friend, Nick, with a unicorn.
3) I read Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine about 20 times in 8th grade and hated what they did to the movie version.
4) I'm scared I'll have a failure of a garden for the third year in a row (hey, we were in a drought here the last two years).
5) I yearn for another vacation, though I just got back from one in Feb (but, to my credit, it was the first one in like 12 years).

Have a lovely weekend! Jes

Clare said...

1) I am a repectable vegan mother of 2, yoga, pilates and barre teacher and when given the chance I totally werk it to gangsta rap.
2) I am totally uncomfortable if do not have a book by bed at night, and or am not deeply involved in a book. One of my most favorites, "Lamb-the story of Jesus told bu his best friend Biff." Totally irreverent, brilliant, hilarious and heartbreaking.
3) I am a podcast junkie, Colleen Patrick, This American life, star talk with astrologist Neil degrasse tyson.
4)May day cannot begin without ww toast with earth balance and nooch.
5) Two of my favorite sayings are "cool, green spaces" and "bee loud glade" .
Clare in ca

Mom said...

1) I am also very good at Dr. Mario and Ms. Pacman. Genetics?
2) When you were just two you had to wait while I played my two games of Ms. Pacman at the laundromat.
3) I can only play two games of Ms. Pacman because I get so tense my hand hurts.
4) Dad and I used to play Dr. Mario into the night when you kids were asleep.
5) I want to play Dr. Mario right now.

Mom said...

Hey, when did you get green eyes?

Sarah Purdy said...

1. My favorite author is John Steinbeck.
2. Those string on your sweatshirts and pajama pants? Hate 'em. I pull them out or cut them off. I ain't got time for extraneous-do-nothing strings.
3. I was a brown belt in karate when I was 16 years old.
4. Before moving to Wyoming, I had run 3 marathons and 2 half marathons. Since arriving in Wyoming, the farthest I've run is 6.2 miles (10k's).
5. I knew in first grade that I'd become a teacher and a mother. Done and done. Plans to own a rainbow painted Subaru Brat were not as successful.

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