Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From Beneath the Snow

So it is April right?

Here (click here) is what we were doing a year ago today. Notice all of the green growing things?

Now, here is what it looks like today....


I have been in the house with the girls since Monday. Eric ran to the store on his way home yesterday so we are prepped and ready to be snowed in and at home. Eric is home from work today as everything is closed. It won't stop snowing. So we have been here in this house for quite some time.

Here is how we have spent our time:
  • reading all of the books
  • working on Cordelia's reading. She read her first sentence!
  • Playing
  • Dance offs
  • Cooking
  • Playing with play-dough
  • rolling around on the floor
  • zoning out
  • drawing
  • writing
  • last night, after the girls went to bed, Eric and I watched The Hobbit. Only after 2 hours and 49 minutes did we realize that is was just the first of 3 movies. WHAT?! WHY?!?! AHHHHH! Why are movies sooooooooo long?
We picked up some flowers to defy all of the snow that is pouring down on us. Spring will come. Oh yes, it will come!



Oh, and the storm is named Yogi. So there you have it. Snowed in. Thank goodness the company is good!


Marie Roxanne said...

Well, I am sorry Yogi made a lasting impression. My snow is now gone. Sorry.

Anne Marie said...

They broke The Hobbit into 3 separate movies? Yikes, I'm glad to know this. I seriously dislike having to see movie versions of books in pieces. I'll be glad to not lose nearly 3 hours of my life to 1/3 of a story!

Enjoy your snow day...glad it's not us enjoying a snow day! ;o)

Sarah Purdy said...

That movie could have been about an hour shorter. I sure do wish we were next door neighbors on days like this!

Victoria said...

It sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful snow day! xo

Kate said...

When I'd been planning to move east for graduate school, one of my bosses showed me a pic of him and his sister at her May graduation in Boston; she'd been position in front of a wall of snow!

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