Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kindness Bandit: Recent Activities


I haven't done a KB post in ages. I know what you're thinking, I am probably only kind when it's going in a post. You're right, the rest of the time I am terrible. I am kidding. The real reason I am random with KB posts is because I feel a little weird about it, always have. I know that many of you enjoy reading KB posts and I do get requests so I keep plodding along.

 Please understand that I am just trying to share ideas and not to toot my own horn. With that said let me share some ideas from recent KB activities:

1) I recently was at a thrift store, nosing about and spotted a super cool box. When I opened it I found it was jam packed with beads and an ATM PIN #. I threw the # away (no that is not the KB activity). Later that day I was talking to a new acquaintance and she mentioned she was into jewelry making. I inquired a bit about her tastes and  then had Eric deliver a bunch of beads I thought she might enjoy.

2) During the recent snowstorm Walda I happened upon some people who clearly needed a little help clearing their car (they were waiting for the heater to melt 5 inches off).  I cleared their car and made a quick escape. Or truthfully it was a slow getaway as the roads were treacherous.

3) Coupons come into my life. I admire those who are serious couponers, but I just don't get into it beyond a the coupons for things I already buy. Recently I started cutting out coupons for all kinds of things and then I will leave them next to the item in the store. So when someone comes along to make a purchase they have an instant discount.

What KB activities have you been up to?


Anonymous said...

I love your kindness bandit posts! And I like the idea of the grocery coupon. I don't use coupons (have you ever seen a coupon for broccoli?)so I can do this, at least once!

Michelle said...

I would like to have seen the faces of the people whose car you cleared off!

Anne Marie said...

I've seen clipped coupons left by coupon fairies with products at the store. I thought it was a very nice idea. I love that you cleaned the icy/snowy car off without getting caught!

Mom said...

Someone occasionally cleaned off my car when they left work earlier than I. It was such a sweet gift!

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