Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nine Months with Elise

Nine months on the outside! Wow! 3/4 of a year under her belt. Elise is transforming before our eyes. Her baby days are all too short and before we know it this little lady will be onto the next phase. Eric and I have been soaking up these all too limited baby days that remain. They just pass too quickly.
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Elise 9 months

Over the past month Elise has
  • mastered the crawl. She is all over the place now.
  • been able to get into standing position on her own and stand for 5-10 seconds.
  • begun cruising along, supported by furniture.
  • started clapping. She claps for everything. Pulling Ophelia's tail, clap clap. Dropping spoon on the floor, clap clap. 
  • started waving. Really it's more of a hail. She raises her arm and then kinda wiggles her fingers.
  • enjoyed playing with big sister. Cordelia is loving the interaction.
  • started talking in complete jibberish as though it makes perfect sense. She still says mom, dad, bum (for Bumblebee). To be more accurate she sweetly calls to her dad, but when she wants me it's a crazy holler..."Maaaaa, MAMA!" 
  • has started feeding herself with a spoon. She can't scoop the food, but if I put something on teh spoon she likes to grab the spoon and feed herself.
  • totally refused baby food. Fine with me.
Elise 9 months


Anne Marie said...

She is such a cutie. Happy 9 months, Elise!

Sarah Purdy said...

Happy 3/4 birthday, big girl!

Michelle said...

Just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Growing up too fast, at least there's the pictures to remember these stages!

Mom said...

She is so very beautiful! Best of all, she has the sweetest little personality.

Kate said...

Hi, baby! You're beautiful!

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