Friday, April 26, 2013

Short and Sweet

Eric's parents came to town for a visit. Unfortunately Eric had to work (new job= no pto). So it was the in-laws, the girls, and I. We did just fine as they just wanted to chillax in our house and had no interest in the touristy stuff.

Cordelia was on the whole time. She was so eager to be on them, near, them, talking to them (oh the talking of a three year old).  Elise was super sweet and smiley. Cordelia wanted to hug and love. I think she told each of them a thousand times that she loved them! They enjoyed the girls, but I am sure they slept soundly at night. If you are not acclimated to children it can come as a shock---even if you've had kids of your own---kind of like jumping into the deep end. It is so delightful, but kids are so so busy.

The day before they arrived I told my friend Zhanna that I wasn't sure what I would do to entertain them, as they've been here enough that there are few things around town they've yet to experience.  She said, in her heavy Russian accent, " Just feed them good food." So I did. It went very well, but the trip was a quick one. The in-laws are high ranking officials in the VFW and this morning they were off to a big meeting. Short and sweet visit.

Wim visit 2013

Wim visit 2013

Wim visit 2013

Wim visit 2013

Wim visit 2013


Stacy said...

Looks like a lovely visit! Relaxing is always one of the best ways to spend time with family.

Allen said...

That is my kind of a visit. Set around and enjoy, no places we have to be, maybe an evening meal out, yes my kind of visit enjoying each other.

Michelle said...

Such sweet pictures!

elizabeth said...

what sweet photos! good memories captured there. :)

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