Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birthday Review and Two Giveaways!!!!

Yesterday was Eric's birthday. We  were all excited! Cordelia and Elise were eager to help with the unwrapping of gifts.

Eric's 33rd bday

I had gotten him a couple of Tom Waits records (or vinyl if you're hip) that he was missing. I had, over the course of months asked questions about which records he wanted most for our collections and tried to zero in on some good finds. It was a success and a surprise!

Eric's 33rd bday

 I had an even bigger surprise for him. I had commissioned a portrait by our illustrator/artist friend Zachary Pullen (click here). I had the hardest time keeping this secret from Eric as we tell each other everything and this was a big one. Oh man, I nearly broke down a few days ago when he said,"You know we really need some more Pullen work, like a portrait or something." I was fighting hard to keep the secret, but it was so worth it when he opened the box yesterday morning.

Eric's 33rd bday

He LOVED it! Phew! I knew he would, but it was sure great to revel in that joy of a great gift given! I think it is hard to see all of the details from this slide, but the painting is really quite extraordinary. We spent the evening just staring at it, taking in all of the detail and subtle nuances.


Don't worry, we still made time for birthday lemon squares. Eric's not much of a cake guy.

Eric's 33rd bday

Eric's 33rd bday

Happy birthday indeed!

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Tonya Boose said...

Lemon bars look good!! I love the portrait!! Happy belated birthday,Eric!

sara said...

that's such a cool portrait! love that first pic of elise enjoying the wrapping paper :)

Anonymous said...

Kids are the best unwrappers ever!
And love that portrait! Glad you could keep it as a surprise from him and the records too!

Only in Louisiana ~ documenting the adventures we call Life! said...

Thanks for stopping by...and for your kind words on my brother. I am glad to find your blog!

Kate said...

Oh, My, BUDDHA! Lemon bars are one of my FAVOURITE desserts, and I cannot figure out how to make them vegan. REcipe, please? Please? I'm wasting away without them, (if you knew how chubby I am IRL, you'd find that hilarious.)

Maria Rose said...

Kate, the recipe is from The Joy of Vegan Baking. I cannot recommend that book enough.

Kate said...


Sarah Purdy said...

The portrait came out so cool! Where are you going to hang it?

AKM said...

Happy belated to Eric! (I couldn't comment last week for some reason.) Such a cool portrait. And oh...ANY lemon dessert, please! Especially lemon bars! AH!

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