Friday, May 24, 2013

Confessions: Random, So Random

Confessional time!
  • Yesterday, while eating lunch, Cordelia was talking and chewing with her mouth full of food. "Gross!" I exclaimed. "Chew with your mouth closed!" Then I realized that my mouth was full of food. Shameful.
  • I refer to Walmart as Walfart. I am super classy.
  • Eric and I have watched an embarrassing number of Brendan Fraser movies for kids....done before we were parents.
  • I had my nose pierced for years. I had a screw in nose ring that was a spike. I started pulling it out in my sleep and flinging it across the room. That is when I stopped wearing a nose ring.
  • I haven't had a professional haircut in over a year. My M.O. is to part my hair down the middle, stand in front of a mirror and trim.
  • Once, in fifth grade I joined a group of onlookers as we watched Kyle and Ryan (a girl, it was small town MT folks) kiss behind the school. I was really disappointed. Kissing looked pretty dumb, no offense to 6th grade Kyle and Ryan.
  • I have punched two boys. I was in elementary school. Sorry Derek and H.R. you had it coming.
  • Oh wait. I also punched a boy named Chad who tried to rescue the kitten I was rescuing. Sorry Chad, you were kind of a mean boy, but probably didn't deserve that one. 
  • Apparently I was a violent elementary school student.
  • On that same high school a strange girl named January offered to be my body guard. I am not sure why as I was pretty well liked and non-aggressive.
  • I know I have shown this picture here before, but I feel like I must constantly own it. I confess, this is me.........................................................................................


Mom said...

I remember that girl! I loved her as well!

Tammie said...

i love that picture.

Sarah Purdy said...

I would have totally been your bestie even in that shirt. (It would have looked awesome next to my Hammer pants and waterfall bangs.

Court Dan said...

I may have to start using Walfart, that's great!

Robin said...

I remember that kiss!!!

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