Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dining al Fresco and giveaway winner

Last night Eric was at band practice and the girls and I were on our own for dinner. The weather was perfect and we had already spent much of the days outside. Cordelia had enjoyed track and field day at preschool. We had done yard work and visited a playground. Why not finish the day off outside? So I prepped an easy dinner and drug out the high chair. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the warm spring sunshine.

I love this time of year, being outside more than indoors. Enjoying, growing, playing. My shades are on. We are slathered in sunscreen and we have stuff to plant. My heart feels full!





If you are interested in a little vegan caprese salad, check it out here.

ALSO, the vejibag winner is MANDA! I will be contacting you via email!!! Congratulations


Kate said...

I, too, love being out more than in! I feel so bummed during the cold days/months when I see the outside table so forlornly empty. Although we've had some rather unseasonably cold weather lately, (do't laugh. It doesn't compare to your cold days, but it was certainly unexpected. 90s on day, snow the next! Never mind that it was about 5 flakes...it counts.) Now I think we're out of the cold and into the warm! Huzzah and whew! (And for the record sometimes my blog won't let ME comment. I need to figure out how to fix that, but I'm not up for that until post-finals.)

AKM said...

I love eating outside in nice weather! And I love eating fresh homegrown tomatoes even more! That's my favorite part of summer! YUM!

Kate, we're having that same weather here in STL! It was 87 degrees last Wednesday or Thursday, and I was outside all day on Saturday, freezing in 42 degree misty weather! Wild! Such is the Midwest. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I saw this caprese salad and looks yummy! And now I want to know if Cordelia ate it?

Mom said...

Such beautiful ladies!

Victoria said...

Love, Love eating Al Fresco!!

Maria Rose said...

Yes, Cordelia did eat the caprese salad!

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