Monday, May 20, 2013


Saturday Sarah and I celebrated our frienniversary. I wish I knew the exact dates I had met all of my closest lady friends, but thankfully Sarah and I have an easy date to remember. You see we met the day after she had her son. Our husbands knew each other a bit (they are now super close) and when a baby was born Eric felt we should give a gift. So, we assembled a little package. Our intention was to have Eric drop it off, but one thing led to another and there I was  7 1/2 months pregnant in their living room the day following their son's birth.

What a strange way to meet someone. I felt incredibly awkward. I mean Sarah had just had a baby and I am guessing she wasn't too keen on making new friends or having strangers in her home, but she was welcoming and if it creeped her out she never let on. One thing led to another and we hit it off! So, when the anniversary of our meeting came around it seemed only right to celebrate the occasion. Sarah and I left the kids with our spouses and took an afternoon to treat ourselves.


We met up for lunch. We had margaritas and Mexican food. Oddly, there was also a Buddhist monk grabbing some grub too (this is noteworthy because we live in Wyoming and there there is very little diversity) and some Wyoming locals...I don't want to say hicks, but that is probably the best description. So, it was a strange little meal, but it was good. We chatted and chowed down until it was time to move on to our pedicures.....


While we waited at the salon we sat on a couch and talked. The conversation was witty (I am sure) and fun. We were laughing and having a great time. I noticed a woman, waiting for her own appointment, eavesdropping on us. I remember that feeling. I have been her, listening to good friends and wishing I had a friend that I was that close with. Don't get me wrong, I have many AMAZING lady friends, but they all insist on living in other places so throughout my life I've rarely had the treat of a friend that I get to spend so much time with. It was just a moment to realize and appreciate the close relationship which has become such an important part of my life.

Anyway, I had my first ever pedicure! Sarah had called around to find a place that used vegan products! Isn't she great?! The pedicure experience was wonderful. Someone rubbing my feet, what?! Honestly it was a little weird, the whole act of being enthroned while someone cleans my feet. I was not sure if I should engage the lady in conversation, include her in the talk Sarah and I were having or ignore her. So I tried all three.

At one point I asked her if my size 12 feet were the biggest feet she'd ever worked on. She acted surprised (bless her heart) upon hearing the size of my feet and then said they were probably the largest women's feet she'd encountered, but reassured me by telling me that she also given men pedicures. HA! Not to worry I am comfortable and confident about my giant clodhoppers.

Here I am laughing when the foot rub artist (?) said that she had some flip flops, but none in my size. Reflecting upon this later I should have requested man sized....wouldn't be my first time doing so.

Finally, check out this AWESOME tshirt that Sarah found/personalized just for me! Do you remember this post? Read through it and the t-shirt will make more sense.

What do you do with your lady friends?


Sarah Purdy said...

Two things:
It was an awesome frienniversary date and I can't wait until next year (and of course, very excited for our ten year date when we take it international!).

Also, dear readers of Little Things are Big, I am not as crazy and deranged as I seem in pictures. Ok, maybe just a little bit, but mostly I'm kinda nice. I do, however, get really excited about any time we get to "TREAT YO SELF!"

Emily said...

What a fun day! You forgot to post a pic of your finished feet! And that shirt is just plain awesome. I'm giving it a standing ovation right now. :)

elizabeth said...

i had my first pedicure with a dear friend - who insists on living far away ;) - last april - umm, awesome. i will treat myself to one again sometime. :) i'm glad you had such a fun frienniversary! (you come up with the coolest words!)

Stacy said...

Good friends are the best. I've been blessed to have a couple of awesome times with a good friend lately too.... they make everything better.

Kate said...

With one I study, with others I learn photography, (one's my mentor, the other's my model), but with both, I'm sure I'm charming and hilarious, because I know they are!

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